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An acrostic is a cryptically written composition—a poem, an essay, an article, or whatever—in which particular letters on each line will, when taken together, spell out a message.

Consider the following exceptionally poor, non-rhyming poem:

There once was a project that
Had a trivial, but laborious aim:
Include discussions on
Simply all words in the dictionary.
Insightful it was not,
Some would say.
Surely the author had better
Things to do with his time than
Undertake this project with not a single
Payment being made to him for his efforts;
Instead hoping advertising would pay his due, but
Don’t bet on it

Acrostics usually don’t use a code as simple as taking the first letter of each line, but if you do that with the above “poem” and put in a couple of spaces in the appropriate places (spaces/places; oh great, now I can rhyme) it spells out THIS IS STUPID.

I would have worked harder to come up with a more cleverly and poetically crafted poem that used a more crafty coding formula, but even I have better things to do with my time, which says a lot seeing as though I have no life.

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