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The word acting can be either a verb or an adjective.

As a verb, acting is a synonym for performing. This might be performing on stage or in film, but it might also be performing a life-role. For instance, you might say that, “Mimi is coughing and has a gravelly voice, but she’s just acting. She’s not really sick. She wants to leave work early without getting in trouble with her boss.  She does that frequently and I have to pick up the slack. Bitch.”

Whoa, you’re getting a little testy, aren’t you? You didn’t have to call her a bitch. Mind your language, please. This is a family Web site.

Acting can also mean behaving. For example, someone might say, “Fredrick is acting like such a jerk, snitching on me for pretending to be sick.” That may be so, Mimi, but you really should consider adopting a better work ethic.

As an an adjective, acting means temporarily assuming a particular business role. For example, if the CEO of a company leaves suddenly, the Board of Directors might appoint an Acting CEO while it looks for a “permanent” replacement. (They might be called that, but nobody’s permanent. Some less so than others.)

As another example, if the Head of the Actors’ Guild unexpectedly quits to pursue the acting career she’s always acted as if she wanted, the guild might act to appoint some one to act as the Acting Head of the Acting Guild. In an autocratic country, where the government tightly controls all public performances for propaganda purposes, it might require an Act of Parliament to allow for an Acting Head of the Actors’ Guild.

OK, now I’m just acting silly. It’s time to end this entry.

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