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Actionable is the sort of word that you might like or hate depending on which side of the line you’re standing on. Then again, if you are a lawyer you always love the world actionable, irrespective of which side of the line your client is standing on, because it means you’re going to finally be able to afford that Porsche you’ve had your eye on.

Actionable means having grounds for a lawsuit. Of course, if you have a shyster lawyer, everything is actionable. Did someone pick his nose in front of you? That gross act caused you irreparable emotional damage. Sue the bastard!

Actionable also has a less threatening meaning. It also means that something, usually information, is of a nature such that you can use it to achieve a desired end. For example, learning that your business partner is cheating you is actionable information because having that information will allow you to sue the bastard! Hmm. I guess that’s an example of both meanings of actionable.

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