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Are you doing anything right now? That was a trick question. Of course you’re doing something.

Do you think not? If you’re not doing anything, then how the hell are you reading this. Well, whatever you are doing—which, at the moment, is reading this—is an activity.

If you include everything from peeing to eating meals—hopefully not simultaneously because that wouldn’t be sanitary—you’ve probably engaged in a number of activities already today. Now that you’ve thought about it that way, don’t you feel accomplished?

Activity also means the degree to which something is active.

In addition, activity means the condition of being active.

If the only activity you have going on is reading this, it’s time to branch out and find some new hobbies, interests, or, possibly, a job that you can do when you’re not goofing off surfing the Internet, because this is almost the end of this entry. There won’t be another entry along for about four hours after this one first appeared. You might get a tad bored reloading and staring at an unchanging screen for all of that time.

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