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Something that is actual is real as opposed to imagined or faked. Then again, if someone believed that concept x was a fact when it was instead a misconception, it would be appropriate, if more wordy than necessary by one word, to tell that person that concept x is actually false. Although, that brings up another point.

Actual is an adjective. Actually, the adverb form of actual, is overused. In most cases you can actually strip it out of a sentence without actually diminishing or changing the meaning of the sentence. There are some cases when the use of actually actually serves to emphasize what you are actually trying to say but, despite being or, more accurately, because it is used frequently, actually is actually grossly overused. See what I mean?

And use really to get around the overuse of actually. In this context, really is usually unnecessary too.

I know this entry is short, but this is actually the end of it.

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