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An actuality is something that is real, as opposed to something that occurs only in your or someone else’s mind but not in reality.

That having been said, philosophers would ask what is real and can we ever truly know what is real? Is, they might ask, reality real? Then again, philosophers ask all sorts of ridiculous questions that won’t help in the least to put food on the table or a roof over your head. Nobody wants to die of starvation or from exposure to the elements, so feel free to ignore the philosophers. Besides, can you be absolutely certain that philosophers exist in actuality? Maybe we have created them only in our minds.

How might you use the word actuality in a real-life situation? Consider this: I’m sure many people can’t believe that I’ve embarked on a project to write a comment on or related to every word in the dictionary. However, you can see with your own eyes that I have at least started it. Thus, you have evidence that the project is an actuality. However, it is doubtful that I will complete it in my lifetime. I’ll leave it up to philosophers, not to mention religionists, to debate endlessly whether I can complete it after my lifetime.

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