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If someone says they are going to actuate a machine, that’s a fancy way to say that she or he is going to cause it to start to function or, in plainer language, turn it on.

Lest there be any doubt, turning on a machine is not the same thing as turning on a person. If you turn on a person there is a possibility that action will eventually result in you and/or that person having an orgasm. The same is not true when you turn on a machine unless it’s a personal vibrator.

But enough about orgasms.

It’s not just machines that can be actuated. People can also be actuated. If you actuate someone you incite them to take a particular action, which might, but not necessarily involve sex.

Hmm. I can’t seem to steer my mind away from the possibility of orgasms. What that says about me is … shut up.

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