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If you have acumen you have the ability to make appropriate judgements, particularly in a specific, practical functional area. For instance, if you are good at making business decisions, you could say you have business acumen.

Even if you are abysmal at business decision-making you could still say you have business acumen, but you’d be lying. You wouldn’t be the first business person to bend the truth for business purposes, but you might want to question your ethics if you do.

Someone hoping to corner the market on Web content by writing a comment about or vaguely related to every word in the dictionary cannot be honestly said to have business or Web-content acumen. Instead, he could be said to have lunacy.

Not only is he a lunatic, but he can’t spend much time crafting each entry or he’ll never finish. Not that he will finish it even if he rushes through it, but at least he’ll get closer. So he’d better move off the acumen entry quickly.

Talking about himself in the third-person is probably not a good sign. The condition that leads to it will likely diminish whatever acumen he has in any area.

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