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Ad is short for advertisement. Unlike other abbreviations, ad is a perfectly acceptable word without the normal indication of an abbreviation, namely a period after it. An ad can appear on television, on the radio, in a newspaper, a magazine, on a billboard, on a bus shelter, or just about anywhere else, including on a Web site.

A lot of people hate ads and don’t want to see them. Here’s something they should consider:

  1. It costs money to publish things.
  2. If publishers don’t earn income from what they publish, they won’t be able to afford to keep publishing.
  3. Advertisers pay for ads.
  4. If there are no ads or if advertisers didn’t pay for ads readers, viewers and listeners would have to pay directly for what they read, view or listen to. If they already pay something then they’d have to pay more. Either that or publishers will have to beg for donations.

The alternative is for publishers to go out of business. The Web would then become a collection of shopping sites and company Web sites that are, essentially, ads that don’t look like traditional ads.

Advertising may, at times, be annoying, but it is, overall, good. That includes that little box that you see on the right side of this Web site.

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