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Do you like to slow-dance? You can slow-dance to fast-paced music, but you’d probably look like an idiot out on the dance floor. Dancing at an appropriate pace will not make you look like a genius if you always look like an idiot, on the dance floor or off, but why make matters worse?

If music is described as adagio that means that it is played, or supposed to be played, at a slow tempo. Feel free to slow-dance to it. Although, if you’re totally spastic in which case it might be appropriate to feel inhibited about dancing. People will tell you not to be self-conscious and go out and dance anyway, but many people are insensitive jerks.

I’m writing in a country that offers considerable liberty, and few countries place restrictions on how you dance (although a few theocracies may discourage all dance), so you are also free to slow-dance to music that is not played adagio, but don’t blame me for what people will think of you if you do.

In addition to being an adjective, adagio can also be used as a noun. In that case it means either music that is played adagio or a form of ballet dancing.

If you’re not a classical musician or ballet dancer, or at least musically inclined, you probably don’t give a damn about the word adagio. Because that describes me, I have nothing more to say about adagio.

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