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If you are adamant you stick to your point of view or intent even in the face of strong arguments and/or discouragement by others. Thus, if you are frequently adamant you could be said to have the courage of your convictions or you could be said to be strong-willed. You could also be said to be pigheaded. A fine line separates the two.

Now that I think about it, I suppose many positive/negative character-trait pairs have no more than a hair’s breadth between each member of the pair. In addition to strong-willed/pigheaded, four that come quickly to mind include nonconformist/insane, humorous/buffoonish, communicative/motormouthed, telemarketer/asshole.

Considering how fine the line is between the positive and negative traits, you have to be careful. You might want to be a communicative, humorous nonconformist, but accidentally slide into being a motormouthed, insane buffoon. Take it from me, that’s easy to do.

I probably shouldn’t have placed telemarketer/asshole on that list. Based on my experiences with telemarketers, it seems to be impossible to be a telemarketer without simultaneously being an asshole.

Adamant can also be used as a noun, in which case it means a very hard stone. At one time, it was thought that adamant was a stone with mythical properties that made it so hard as to be impenetrable. Now, adamant can refer to any virtually unbreakable substance.

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