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Adam’s apple

The Adam’s apple is a projection formed of cartilage at the front of the neck of most humans. It is usually most pronounced in men. A more formal term for Adam’s apple is laryngeal prominence.

Because it’s generally biggest in men, I used to be very embarrassed about the fact that my Adam’s apple is not visible. Then I realized that, while it is true that my Adam’s apple is not particular big, the primary reason it is not visible is I have a large vertical wedge of fat on the front of my neck. That fat hides my Adam’s apple. Upon realizing that this was what was obscuring my Adam’s apple, I became very embarrassed about my fat neck.

What can I say? Embarrassment is my middle name. I’ve never forgiven my parents for that.

According to Wikipedia, the origin of the term Adam’s apple is uncertain. However, it is almost certainly derived in some way from a mythical character in the Abrahamic cults, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as well as their offshoots. Members of these cults believe that a supernatural being, whom they call God, created the first man. According to them, that first man was named Adam.

In the beginning, Adam was a nudist. His common-law wife, with whom he was having sex out of wedlock, was called Eve in these cults’ sacred stories. Eve was originally a nudist as well. Then Eve ate an apple that was supposed to contain knowledge. According to the stories, God had forbidden Adam and Eve to eat from the apple tree because God wanted them to remain stupid. But Eve was seduced into eating the apple by a serpent.

I don’t think that Eve’s eating of the mythical apple had anything to do with the naming of the Adam’s apple, but who knows?

I know this myth sounds ridiculously far-fetched, to the point of impossibility, but it’s amazing what some people will believe.

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