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Add is such a ridiculously simple word that if you don’t know what the add means then your literacy and/or numeracy skills are so unbelievably weak (i.e., non-existent) that you must have stumbled on this Web site by pure chance. What you are still doing here is beyond me. There aren’t many pictures other than in advertisements and I highly doubt that you came here just to look at ads.

Honestly, if you don’t understand the word add you need more educational assistance than I could possibly give you. Now might be a good time to seek that help. You can ask the person reading this to you to direct you to a good school. He or she could draw you a picture and a map, because you clearly aren’t going to be able to read directions.

To add means to combine something with another thing to increase it. Add also means to perform an arithmetical operation to find the sum of two or more numbers. And, if you “have something to add” then you have something more to say or write.

It really is a good idea to know how to add two numbers together. Otherwise, when you walk into a store and spot two items you want to buy, one for $25 and the other $15, when the shopkeeper tells you that if you buy them together she’ll let you have them both for just $65, you might think that’s a tremendous deal. It’s not.

If you can’t add those two numbers together you should go shopping with a buddy who will make sure that you don’t get ripped off. I volunteer. Give me your cash. I’ll go in alone and bargain that shopkeeper down to just $55. Trust me.


  1. Comment by Rum Punch Drunk:

    Oh my, you gave me such a laugh about the word ‘add’. Thanks god I knew what it meant. Who wants to go back to school at my age. I won’t see ‘add’ in the same light again. Oh, you made a mistake mate, just give me that cash to do the shops and I’ll barter that shopkeeper down to $54.99. That’s a deal.

    • Comment by Joel:

      Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I think we should collude. We wouldn’t want to compete against each other and end up doing the shopping for $39.99. I don’t want to lose money on other people’s lack of numeracy.

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