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An addendum is a section of additional material that appears at the end of a book, report, or some other sort of manuscript. An addendum typically contains omissions from the main text.

An addendum may also contain related material that can stand on it’s own. The author might put that material in an addendum rather than in the main body of the document so as to not overburden readers who want to skip the related material. This makes it more likely that at least one or two people will bother to plow through the text before they become too bored to carry on.

By the way, a project this long is bound to have a few omissions. Plus, by the time I’m done I’ll probably have a few comments on the project as a whole that don’t belong in any of the main entries. Therefore, I expect that I will add at least a couple of addenda (addenda is the plural of addendum) after I finish this project. That should be sometime in the mid 2100s. Please stick with me.

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