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Addle means to make to be unable to think clearly.

I’m a cheap drunk. One glass of wine puts my brain into neutral. This gives me a ready example of the proper usage of the word addle or, more accurately, the past tense of the word addle. I’m now on my second glass of wine and, as a result, I now have an alcohol-addled brain.

I drank the wine only for the purpose of advancing this project by experiencing a truthful exemplar of the word addle. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. (It took me about five minutes to write this short paragraph because alcohol causes my fingers to wander on the keyboard aimlessly, rarely forming words in any earthly language. That’s one of the effects of an addled brain or, at least, my addled brain.)

You can also use the word addle in relation to eggs. In that case, addle means to become rotten. Considering how addled my brain is right now, I doubt I’d be able to recognize whether my eggs had addled, so I’d better either order in or go out to a restaurant for my next meal.

Eating rotten eggs is something one should avoid if at all possible. (Ha! You probably thought there wasn’t any useful advice to be had on this Web site. How wrong you are!)

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