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Adenoidal means having to do with the adenoids. The entry in this project that was published immediately before this one was on the word adenoid. You can look it up there if you are interested.

Adenoidal can also mean showing the symptoms of having enlarged adenoids. These symptoms may include snoring and sounding as if you are talking through your nose.

Snoring can be a problem if you don’t sleep alone. If you snore particularly loudly—jet engines come to mind—you might soon find yourself sleeping alone even if you don’t currently do so. Your partner might kick you out of bed to get some sleep.

Snoring itself isn’t much of a medical problem, but the sleep apnea that is sometimes associated with it can be. Sleep apnea involves stopping breathing while you are asleep. The cessation of breathing is generally only momentary, so you generally aren’t in danger of suffocating, but it can happen several times a night, interrupting your sleep cycle and having other serious negative health effects effects. See a doctor if this applies to you.

I’m not a doctor, nor have I researched this, so you might want to check it out if you think it applies to you, but I doubt that sounding like you are talking through your nose is much a medical concern. However, if you start eating through your nose without a good medical reason for doing so, including medical certification of that reason, you’ll probably get thrown out of some of the finer restaurants.

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