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To adhere means to stick. So, for example, if you are using one of those super glues and you apply it to a surface with your finger and leave your finger on the surface for a while, you’re a complete idiot because your finger is likely to adhere to the surface for a very long time unless you are willing to leave some skin behind on the surface.

What is stuck doesn’t have to be an object. You might, for example, adhere to a regimen, such as a diet. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

Or you might adhere to the precepts of your religion because, well, I don’t know why, but that’s your choice. Atheism is easier that way. There are no rules.

If atheism is not your cup of tea or, rather, your cup of philosophy, and you feel you have to adhere to the dictates of a religion, why not go shopping for the one with the easiest rules? Really.

People who believe in other religions are just as convinced that their religion is the one true religion as you are convinced that yours is the one true religion. So one religion seems to be as good as another. That being so, why not make it easy on yourself?

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