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Adhesion is the act of sticking or the ability to stick to something. Not surprisingly, the word adhesion is derived from the word adhere, which means stick. Duh.

One question that might come to your mind if you are bored out of your skull and too empty-headed to come up with anything else to think about is, does adhesion refer only to the stickiness of things? What about the stickiness of people?

If you are a woman, have you ever been to a party where a short dweeb of a guy comes up to you early in the evening and doesn’t leave your side for the entire night? He’s not coming on to you or even mildly flirting with you. Nor is he particularly offensive. It’s just that, for some reason, he sticks like glue to you throughout the whole party and monopolizes your time so you can’t mingle with other people, which can be quite annoying.

Well, the social quality that guy is exhibiting could, at best, very tangentially and extremely tentatively be referred to as adhesion, but it would be a ridiculously long and purely rhetorical stretch to do so.

I brought the example up not so much to illustrate a usage of adhesion, but rather as a way to segue into an apology. That was probably me. I’m exceptionally introverted. I do that latching onto one person at a party thing as a defense mechanism. I build an invisible wall enclosing me and the other person to block out the rest of the immediate world that is in danger of invading my personal space.

Sorry about that. I hope your evening wasn’t too miserable. I’ll try to find someone else to latch onto the next time we’re together at a social gathering.

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