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Adjacent means next to or immediately beside. I didn’t really need the “immediately beside” because you probably would have understood it if I had said simply “next to.” But grammar sticklers would attack me for ending a sentence with a preposition, namely “to.” So I added the superfluous “immediately beside” to appease those asinine jerks.

I usually have more to say in these entries, but I’ve got next to nothing more to say about adjacent. By the way, I know that I said that adjacent means “next to,” but it would not have been appropriate for me to say “I’ve got adjacent to nothing to say about adjacent.”

Because adjacent means physically next to,  that would have been an incorrect use of the word adjacent. And it would have driven lexicography sticklers berserk. Hmm. Sounds like fun to me. What the hell, I’ve got adjacent to nothing to say about adjacent. Lexicographers be damned.

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