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An adjective is a type of word. Precisely, it’s a word that modifies or describes a noun. I don’t know how helpful the previous sentence was because if you didn’t know what an adjective is before now, then you probably don’t know what a noun is. In that case, saying that an adjective modifies a noun doesn’t help you.

No problem. I’ll be getting to the word noun eventually. I’m now on words starting with adj. I’m working alphabetically from the beginning of the dictionary. It took me more than a month and a half to get this far. You do the math. There is a fair chance that we’ll both be dead long before then.

Have a nice day.

Adjectives can be very useful words as they add color to your conversation and writing and help to clarify your meaning. Useful is an adjective. So now you have an example of adjective usage.

I am incredibly helpful, aren’t I? Helpful is an adjective. Incredibly is an adverb (we’ll get to those much sooner than we’ll get to nouns). Incredibly helpful is sarcastic. Now you know.

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