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In spite of what it sounds like, adjoin doesn’t mean to join two ads together.  That’s called being a cheap bastard of an advertiser who is too much of a tightwad to pay for two separate ads.

What adjoin really means is to be immediately next to and attached. This usually refers to rooms in a building or to buildings themselves.

Despite being a perfectly acceptable and respectable word, people rarely use the word adjoin as is. Instead, they are more likely to use its adjective form, adjoining.

For example, adjoining rooms are rooms that are beside each other, usually with a door between them. A number of hotels offer the option of adjoining rooms.

A boss and his or her assistant might get adjoining rooms when they travel together because this virtually eliminate the risk of being seen by people who when they sneak into each other’s room for sex. They wouldn’t want that to get back to their spouses.

Families sometimes find adjoining rooms helpful too, but hopefully for different reasons. This is too respectable a Web site to talk about incest.

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