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Some people misunderstand the word adjourn. This shouldn’t be surprising because some people misunderstand the words the, and, start, stop, go, and, well, and everything, including everything. But about adjourn, specifically, some people incorrectly think that to adjourn a proceeding means to end it.

They’re almost right, but not quite. It doesn’t mean to end the proceedings for good. It means to stop the proceedings, but with the intention of restarting them sometime later. Of course, intentions aren’t always realized, so an adjournment may turn out to be an end, but that’s not what the word means.

If adjourn did mean end permanently, I would probably make a supreme sacrifice and end this project now to create an example of the use of the word adjourn. However, because an adjournment is intended to be only a temporary stoppage, I might as well plow on ahead.

Besides, I wouldn’t want to disappoint you, my dear reader, by ending this project. I do it all for you.

Of course, it would be nice if you were out there. My Web statistics tell me that’s usually not the case. I’m normally talking to myself. I should probably seek help for that.

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