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Before you ask, no, adjudge does not mean a judge of advertisements. That would be called stupid because who the hell wants to waste their time on such a nonsensical activity?

Wait. There are annual awards that do just that. Never mind. Ad judges are probably wonderful people. I say that not just to be kind. I say that because anyone who would undertake such an asinine chore must be crazy. Who knows what they’re capable of? Maybe their craziness makes them homicidal.

Then again, I’m attempting to write an entry about or related to every word in the dictionary, so who am I to call someone else crazy? But, not to worry. I’m not homicidal; at least, not to my knowledge.

No, adjudge simply means to consider or declare something to be true.

Adjudge is also a synonym for adjudicate, which will is the next entry in this project.

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