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To adjudicate is to make a formal judgement regarding a dispute. There are two things to note here.

For one, to be classified as an adjudication, it has to be a formal judgement. You couldn’t rightly say that you adjudicated a dispute when you merely say, “Yeah, that sounds about right. I think Kathy might possibly be more entitled to call herself queen of the castle in this office, than Fred is. Then again, Fred does make an attractive queen, and if that’s good with him it’s good with me. There’s nothing wrong with that in my book, which will be available soon in bookstores at unpopular prices.”

The second thing to mention is that “formal” doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be decided in a court of law to be considered an adjudication. For example, if a university professor accuses a student of plagiarism and the student denies it, a senior academic or administrative official at the university may be called upon to adjudicate the dispute.

If the adjudicator finds that the student did, indeed, plagiarize the paper the student may be expelled. And rightly so. Plagiarists are scum of the earth. The lowest of the low. They don’t deserve to be allowed out from under the rock from whence they emerged.

Of course, I might be biased. I’ve made most of my income over the past two to three decades from writing, mostly, but not exclusively, marketing writing. After putting a lot of time and effort to my prose, I don’t want to see it plagiarized, with someone else taking credit—and possibly remuneration—or it.

By the way, in case you haven’t guessed it. Everything I’ve written here is copyrighted. By all means, enjoy it, but please don’t steal it.

Sorry. I got off on a bit of a tangent there. Rest easy. My rant is finished. For now.

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