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The previous entry was on the word adjust. Well, an adjustment is what you do when you adjust something, i.e., you change or correct something when you make an adjustment.

Adjustment can also at times be used as a noun that labels the things, probably knobs and switches, that are used to adjust things. For example, as I mentioned in the entry on adjust, old-time televisions had a bunch of knobs to adjust things that televisions now automatically set properly on their own. These knobs were sometimes referred to as adjustments. So, you would adjust the adjustments.

In another vein, people occasionally have to make adjustments in themselves to survive and thrive. For example, if you get fired and can’t find a new job quickly, you’ll probably have to make some adjustments in your lifestyle. If you don’t, expect to be hounded endlessly by bill collectors. Also, expect that some people will eventually force you to make adjustments in your lifestyle because they’ll no longer lend you money or sell you anything on credit.

Considering that, here’s a valuable piece of life-advice that might not have occurred to you: Try not to lose your job unless you’ve already amassed a very large savings.

You’re welcome. Expect more of those gems as this project progresses.

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