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Well this is embarrassing. The New Penguin English Dictionary (1986), the dictionary I’m using to drive this project has an entry for adman, but not for adwoman. Rather sexist, wouldn’t you say?

On the bright side, the spell checker used by Pages, the Apple word processing software that I’m using on my MacBook to write this, accepts both adman and adwoman as valid words. Maybe that’s because the edition of The New Penguin English Dictionary that I’m using was published in the less enlightened times of way back in 1986, but the word checker on my MacBook is much more modern and hip.

I’m going to type adperson to see if the spell checker also accepts that more egalitarian term. Nope. It doesn’t. It would make life easier if it did because then I wouldn’t have to say “admen and adwomen” to avoid sexual bias. Instead, I could just say adperson. Who does one speak with to get this made an official word?

So what is an adman (or adwoman)? It’s someone who works in the ad industry. How could you not know that? Haven’t you ever seen any episodes of Mad Men?

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