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In one of its definitions, the word administration means the executive branch of a government. What I find shocking is that, in a 2011 survey, only 38 percent of Americans were able name the three branches of the American government.

I’ve visited the U.S. many times—it’s a great country—but I’m not now, nor have I ever been an American (I’m Canadian). Nevertheless, I can name the three branches of the American government. I haven’t seen any surveys, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more than 38 of Canadians can name the three branches of the U.S. government. What the hell do Americans learn in school? How to play football?

For the benefit of that 62 percent of Americans who don’t know, the three branches of the American government are the executive branch, the legislative branch and the high-paid lobbyist branch. I’m just kidding—sort of—about the high paid lobbyist branch. The third branch is the judicial branch.

The lobbyists aren’t actually a branch of the government. They’re just in charge.

If you’re an American and you are talking about a specific President and his or her Cabinet, i.e., the executive branch, then capitalize the A in Administration. It is the Administration, not the administration.

The group of people who organize non-governmental organizations can also be referred to as the administration of that organization. In this case, you don’t capitalize the a in administration even if you are talking about a specific group. I suppose that’s because they aren’t able to use tax dollars to buy a capital A.

Administration is also the process of administering a business or administering to someone’s needs. I discussed the word administer in the previous entry, so I won’t say more here about this definition of administration.

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