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Admiration is a feeling of great approval and respect.

Sometimes you’ll hear people jokingly refer to a “mutual admiration society.” This is typically said after there has been a round of reciprocal compliments in a conversation between two or more people. (If it’s a conversation between one person it’s not technically a mutual admiration society unless you consider all of the person’s personalities to be individual people.)

Consider the following conversation:

Anne: “You’re so smart.”

Adam: “Oh no, you’re so smart.”Anne: “And you’re wonderfully witty.”

Adam: “No, no, no. It’s you who is wonderfully witty.”

Anne: “What’s more, I can’t believe how devastatingly handsome you are.”

Adam: “That may be so, but you are gloriously gorgeous.”

Anne: “Well, we’ve got a real a mutual admiration society going here, haven’t we?”

Adam: “Yes it is, isn’t it? Let’s have sex.”

No, Anne and Adam, that’s not a mutual admiration society. That’s a mutual inane imbecile society. And you knew that at least one of them was going to get around to sex eventually, didn’t you?

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