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To admire is to respect highly.

Many people in the world have their priorities mixed up when it comes to who they admire. Movie music stars are admired, to the point of being adored and worshiped, by millions of people. Yet scientists searching for and sometimes finding cures, or at least better treatments, for diseases that have been scourges of humanity for centuries are barely noticed by the masses, if that. Likewise, diligent diplomats who work tirelessly to resolve conflicts in the world receive similar recognition or, rather, lack thereof.

Those are just a couple of examples of the sorts of people who advance civilization and improve the lives of millions, sometimes enormously. There are many more. Yet, if they are introduced to a member of the general public and their accomplishments are chronicled, the reaction is likely to be something along the lines of, “Well, isn’t that nice. Could you tell me … OH! MY! GOD! Isn’t that Barbara Bubblehead across the street. I absolutely adore her. She is the greatest singer ever! I’d die, absolutely die, if I didn’t go over and beg her for her autograph.”

And with that, they’re off to sate their need to worship false heroes.

What a world. Despite appreciating the work of a good performer, I, for one, would prefer to honor the dedicated medical researchers and international diplomats. And, no, I don’t want their autographs, but I don’t want a star’s autograph either, unless it’s on a large check payable to me.

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