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Admit can mean either confess to something or grant someone access to somewhere. I’ve ranted about this once or twice before in this project, and its still just early going in the words beginning with “a,” so expect more similar rants, but why the hell does the English language have so many words that have multiple, unrelated meanings?

Is there any reason to be so parsimonious with our creation of words? I don’t think so. Greele, wellop, persnid, allind, cunnop, gepper, vertine, measten, copig, and feenit are all not words. Any of them, or any of the almost infinite (or infinite if you don’t mind having words of infinite length) other non-words would serve either of the definitions of admit well.

But, no. We’ve got to give one word two completely different meanings.

And when I say completely different, I mean completely different. Often when words have multiple meanings there is at least some, possibly tenuous, relationship between them.

The best I could come up with to link the two definitions of admit is if a security guard carelessly allows an nefarious individual into a secure area, the guard might have to admit that he admitted the ne’er-do-well. But that link is a stretch too far. Forget I mentioned it.

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