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Admonitory is an adjective that means suggesting or indicating a warning or rebuke.

The example given by the dictionary in Apple’s OS/X operating system is, “the sergeant lifted an admonitory finger.” This makes me wonder which finger the sergeant lifted and did he get called an asshole and/or punched in the face as a result?

Of course, it’s not only fingers that can be admonitory. Raising an eyebrow in a particular way can be admonitory.

Throwing a brick at someone to indicate your disapproval of his behavior could also be considered an admonitory gesture, but it’s more likely to be considered to be grounds for arrest on an assault charge. The law can be ridiculously restrictive that way. I don’t understand why. There are some behaviors that might warrant such a strong rebuke.

Not that I’m recommending or counseling the throwing of bricks to show your disapproval, you understand. Counseling a crime is a crime. Besides, I just remembered that I’m opposed to violence. So, please just stick to giving him or her the finger; the one the sergeant probably used.

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