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Spelled with a lower case “a,” adobe is not the name of a software company that sells graphics and document portability software. If you put adobe at the front of a sentence, it’s going to have to get a capital letter whether or not it’s the name of that company. That might be a bit of a bother, but you can probably figure out which the author meant from the context of and in the sentence.

The word adobe, as opposed to the company named Adobe, is a kind of clay. Adobe clay is often used to make bricks by combining it with straw and sun-baking it.

Needless to say, this building material is typically not used to construct skyscrapers in large urban centers in developed countries. But you probably knew that.

That’s about all I can think of to say about the word adobe. There’s probably pages and pages of useful and interesting information I could convey about the company Adobe, but Adobe is not paying me anything. In fact, I’ve paid it a fair bit of money to buy a few of its products. So to hell with it.

(If Adobe would like to sponsor these pages, let’s talk. I can’t speak highly enough of companies that pay me.)

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