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Adorn means to decorate, particularly with ornaments, or to make more attractive.

People adorn Christmas trees with ornaments. Or so I’m told.

I’m ethnically Jewish and religiously atheist, so I don’t know much about that sort of thing. It seems kind of silly that people would chop down healthy trees that breath in and sequester greenhouse gases to turn them into dead trees that will decay and give off greenhouse gases, solely so they can decorate the trees and leave them standing in their homes for a few weeks before trashing them. Maybe this whole Christmas tree thing just an urban myth. Or maybe I misunderstand the concept.

I hear that a lot of people buy artificial trees these days. That sounds much more practical and environmentally correct. Besides, to may eyes, trees are naturally beautiful and don’t need any decorations. Plastic and metal, on the other hand, can do with a little adornment.

People can also adorn themselves with fine clothes and jewelry. When men buy women exquisite jewelry to adorn women the men are probably either getting or hoping to get sex from those women. I’m just saying.

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