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Lest there be any doubt, I’ll start off by saying that adulterate has nothing to do with rating adult movies. Nor does it have anything to do with rating your chances of entering into an adulterous relationship with someone. If you thought adulterate meant either or both of those things put that notion right out of your head. It doesn’t.

To adulterate something means to lessen the quality of it by mixing in a foreign substance. Just to be clear, when I say “foreign” I’m not talking about the country of origin. Instead, I mean a substance that does not normally exist in the substance in question.

That having been said, while it is not the norm, it is not uncommon for wine makers to blend different wines to create the final product. However, I suspect that proud French vintners (is there any other kind of French vintner?) would be very upset if their wholesale wines were blended wines from other countries. So, in that case, I guess I do mean a different country of origin when I say foreign.

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