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I had not heard or read the word adumbrate until I got to it in this project. So maybe it is true that you learn something every day. Adumbrate is my thing for today. Then again, a single data point is hardly statistically significant evidence of anything. So maybe it’s not true.

Adumbrate is a verb that means the following:

  • Report or present in outline form.
  • Vaguely presage a future event.

That’s not much of a list, but I wanted to give a practical example of the first definition of adumbrate. Done.

Now that I’ve learned the word, I think adumbrate is too great a word to be so little used. I recommend that we add another meaning to it so people will have more reason to make use of adumbrate in everyday conversation.

I suggest that adumbrate should also have a noun meaning of, “a really stupid rate that a company charges for a subscription to a periodical or a continuing service.”

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