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I’m a marketing writer in my day job. I’ve used the word advanced a lot because every product is advanced, don’t you know. “Try our revolutionary new and improved toothpick. It’s advanced design will pick your teeth like they’ve never been picked before!”

In truth, I try to stay away from writing like that in my day job because it sounds so ridiculous and implausible. Instead, I use an advanced writing style that … oh, never mind. In truth, it’s not all that advanced, but my clients seem to like it.

The meaning of advanced that I was referring to in the previous two paragraphs, i.e., developed further to improve on the previously standard qualities, is only one of at least three definitions of advanced. Another definition, again an adjective, is further along in time. For example, it might be said that I’m of an advanced age. I won’t be your friend if you say that to my face, but it is not necessarily inaccurate depending on your perspective.

The third definition of advanced is simply the past tense of the verb advance. I’ve already written about the word advance, so enough said.

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