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An advancement is the result of a promotion to a higher position or rank. For example, if you are promoted from second assistant caretaker, to first assistant caretaker, it’s not much of an advancement, but it’s an advancement. Be proud. Hopefully you’ve got other things going on in your life, or you’ve got a lot more advancements ahead of you because, like I said, first assistant caretaker isn’t much.

The noun advancement can also mean the promotion of an issue or cause. For example, someone might be involved in the advancement of the cause of protecting the habitat of the glassy-eyed, red-toed, purple-bellied tree salamander species. He is probably lonely because I made that species up, so there probably aren’t many people helping him in the advancement of that cause. So, say hello to him if you see him. He’ll probably welcome your company.

Advancement can also be a synonym for the “payment ahead of time” definition of the word advance.

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