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An advantage is something you want. That is to say it’s something you want unless you are one of those politically correct, we all deserve an equal chance, no one is better than anyone else, let’s all join hands, sing Kumbaya and share everything absolutely equally sort of people.

So what does it mean? An advantage is a superior position or state of affairs. I don’t know about you, but as long as they are not unfair advantages, I’ll take all of the advantages I can get.

Even if they are unfair advantages, I’ll still take them. The only difference is that I’ll feel more guilty about it. However, I feel guilty about everything so I’ve learned to live with that emotion. I won’t knowingly do anything illegal or unethical to gain those unfair advantages, but if they are handed to me, well that’s another matter altogether.

A related meaning of advantage is a benefit gained. For example, you might say, “his obsequious ways are an advantage in his workplace because his boss likes obedient lapdogs.”

In another vein, advantage is also the first point won after a 40-all tie score in a tennis match. Full disclosure: I’m not a fan of sports. Any sport. I read about the tennis meaning of advantage in the dictionary. Tennis is the sport with two or four people, a peach-fuzz-covered ball, and a racket, right? Just checking.

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