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Adverbs are highly underrated. Really. I haven’t done a scientific study of this, but based on personal experience, I’m fairly certain that people usually talk about and use adjectives more than they talk about and use adverbs,. Yet adverbs are much harder workers than adjectives

An adjective can modify or describe only a noun. In contrast, while the primary role of an adverb is to modify or describe a verb, it can also modify or describe a preposition, clause, phrase, sentence, another adverb, or even one of those slacker adjectives.

So, boldly raise a beautifully patterned glass to adverbs. They’ve unquestionably earned it.

Don’t take this as a definitive rule, but you can usually can usually identify adverbs by looking for an “ly” on the end of it. You can also recognize them by learning the constructs and vocabulary of the English language.

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