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An adversary is an opponent. That could be an opponent in just about anything, including business, sports, competition for a mate, or competition on the field of battle.

To my mind, our world is filled with far too many adversaries and far to few cooperators and collaborators in the pursuit of common, noble causes. I have no data to back this up, but I’m convinced that, in most cases, what we gain when we  win against an adversary is, on average over time, far exceeded by what we lose in the financial, physical and emotional costs of the battles with them.

This raises the question of how can we all become collaborators and cooperators for a common cause when there are so many conflicting interests in the world? Whose interests should be served when some of those interests are mutually exclusive?

That is a difficult question to answer, but I have a simple solution. Everyone should serve my interests. That way, we can all come to agreement, put an end to our injurious adversarial ways, and live together in blissful peace and harmony.

I usually shun the limelight, but, for the public good, I’m willing to serve as the willing beneficiary of everyone’s efforts. That’s just the sort of caring, sharing sort of person I am.

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