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Adverse means harsh, or making it difficult to achieve an objective or achieve happiness.

If you work in an office where the boss:

  • doesn’t want to waste money on nonessentials such as air conditioning and heating; (As a result, your workplace is oppressively hot in the summer and bone chillingly cold in the winter.)
  • reduces office lease costs by placing employees’ desks so close together that there is not adequate legroom or elbowroom for even short, thin people; and
  • requires that you work at least 20 hours of unpaid overtime every week, in addition to your normal 40 hours of poorly paid work;

then you could be said to be working under adverse conditions. You could also be said to be a complete imbecile if you aren’t very actively seeking other employment and plotting to turn your boss into the appropriate authorities for unlawful labor practices just as soon as you secure another source of income.

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