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Adversity is suffering or hardship.

Of course, adversity is a subjective and relative term. What one of the wealthiest of people in the richest of neighborhoods, in one of the most developed countries in the world considers adversity, the poorest of the poor in the most poverty-stricken country in the world would consider a jolly good party or a luxury.

For example, someone in an upper-class neighborhood in an affluent city might consider it an adversity if his or her high-end food shop is out of his or her favorite type of fresh shrimp.

On the other hand, especially indigent people in a wretchedly poor countries would not consider that to be adversity. For them, adversity is not having enough food available for even one meagre meal a day, while, at the same time, their village’s only latrine is overflowing and spreading cholera.

Those poor people are such unimaginative slackers, aren’t they? If they had a little stronger work ethic and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit they’d be busy harvesting shrimp to alleviate the horrible adversities that the rich folks have to endure.

There’s just no helping some people.

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