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Anyone who doubts that our society is highly commercialized should consider the following: ad, advert and advertisement are all perfectly acceptable synonyms for each other. Whatever the occasion, there’s a version of the word that perfectly suits your needs because you can never talk enough about advertising.

Feeling verbose? Use advertisement. It’s a lengthier, ever so slightly more upscale way of saying it.

Haven’t got time to stop and talk? Dash off the word ad. That covers it well with just two letters.

Then there’s the Goldilocks form of the word. Advert is not too short and not too long. It’s just right.

In entry that I’ve already published on the word ad I rattled on about why you should, possibly not love ads, but at least grudgingly accept them as a way to get information and entertainment content without having to fork out a lot of cash for it. I won’t say more about that because you can read it on the entry on ad and I don’t want to bore the person or two who have already done that.

There are probably more witty or wise comments I could make about adverts, but the word advertisement is coming up two entries from now so I’ll have another opportunity to try to do it then. Stay tuned to find up if I can live up to a witty, wise or both billing.

Besides save something for the advertisement entry, I’m one of the world’s great procrastinators. I’ll seize whatever opportunity I can get to put off for tomorrow, or a few hours from now, what I can do today, or now. It’s not as if being a procrastinator forecloses the possibility of being a wit or a sage. I’m neither of those things, but that’s not because I’m a procrastinator. It’s just the way it is.

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