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To advertise means to promote a product, service or event through some medium or media. Advertisers normally pay to advertise, otherwise it’s generally lumped under the category of “public relations,” rather than advertising. Companies that try to get free advertising may also be referred to as cheapskates. Or they may be referred to as crooks if they advertise and then refuse to pay the agreed amount.

To advertise can also mean to make generally known through whatever means. For example, one might say, “she advertised her sexual availableness through her titillating, skimpy clothes.”

However, if one does say that, one should keep in mind that no still means no. Consent cannot be automatically inferred from a woman’s wardrobe. No matter how much cleavage she may be showing, no woman deserves to be raped. And rape is engaging in sex against the will of the other person, whether or not you thought you could imply consent based on some false, possibly unintended signals. So ends my public service announcement.

I’ll bet you didn’t think you’d get a discussion on rape and no meaning no in an entry on the word advertise, did you? You just never know what you’ll find here. That’s what makes it interesting. Or, rather, that is to say I hope future entries in this project will be interesting, because the ones posted so far sure as hell haven’t been. Why the hell are you people even here?

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