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If you are looking for good advice, advice being defined as a recommendation intended to aid in making a decision, you’ve come to the wrong place. I don’t know much about anything.

However, if you are looking for bad advice, I’m your man. I can steer you wrong as well as pretty much anyone on the planet.

This is particularly true if you want advice on investing in the stock market. In that case, the most profitable path to follow is to watch what I do and then do the opposite. Buy when I sell. And sell when I buy, including short selling when necessary.

The word advice can also mean formal notice. For example, if you receive a final remittance advice, expect bill collectors to start hounding you, unless, of course, your creditor is the mob. In that case, expect a heavyset, angry-looking man carrying a steel baseball bat to start hounding you. My advice to you in that case is to pay up.

One meaning of advice that is generally used only in the plural and has largely gone out of fashion is information or newsflashes. For example, in medieval times kings might have received advices from the overseers of the distant lands in their kingdoms. This often resulted in the raising of taxes or rents paid by the peasants, because that’s what kings did in those days. Now, in these more democratic times, we leave that up to governments.

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