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In addition to being the past tense of the verb advise, advised is an adjective that means carefully considered or thought out. When using this meaning of the word advised, advised is usually preceded by the adverb well or ill, with a hyphen separating the two words.

For instance, you would be ill-advised to waste much time reading this crap on the Web while at work if you want to keep your job. Or, as another example, you would be well-advised to look before you leap. Or, better yet, if there is a long drop, you would be even more well-advised to not leap at all unless leaping is the only way to escape an even larger danger such as an insurance salesman who has you cornered and wants to sell you a policy. And when do they not want to sell you a policy?

Advised can also mean informed. For example, you might say to a colleague, “Please keep me advised of the boss’ whereabouts because I want to waste a lot of time reading crap on the Web and I don’t want to get caught.”

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