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To aerate something means to add air into it. Generally, when you use the word aerate the air is dispersed through the material you are adding it to. Thus, when you blow up a balloon you generally wouldn’t say that you are aerating it. Instead, you would simply say that you are inflating it or blowing it up, which is not to be confused with the blowing up that is done with explosives. Inflating a balloon using explosives almost certainly wouldn’t work, but feel free to try it except where prohibited by law.

Some suburbanites with large, carefully manicured yards aerate their lawns once a year or so. This is done using a tool or machine that punches small, evenly spaced holes into the ground. People who aerate their yards do so because they are anal retentive and care way too much about their lawns.

You can also put an aerator on you faucets to aerate the water as it flows out. You would do this to, well, I don’t know why you do this. I’m not at all handy around the house and I don’t give a damn about these sorts of things, but I’m sure there’s is a perfectly good reason to put an aerator on your faucets. That reason might be to pay for an ivy league college education of the children of aerator manufacturers. I don’t know.

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