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Aerobics is a form of exercise workout that is often performed to a loud, pulsating musical accompaniment. When aerobics are instructor-led, the instructor usually enacts the moves and shouts out inspiring chants such as “five more; four more …”

How could one not keep going with inspired encouragement like that? Personally, where I would want to keep going is right out the door because I find that sort of behavior embarrassing to the extreme.

The purpose of aerobics is to improve respiration and heart function. You can achieve the same thing by getting on a treadmill, stairclimber, or elliptical machine and working out for a while at good pace. And, you can do that while watching a TV or reading a book or magazine, without an annoying instructor shrieking silly nonsense in your direction. That sounds like a much better plan to me.

My apologies to all aerobics instructors for the above statements. I know you mean well and work very hard at your jobs, but I find your bouncing, stretching, yelling and exhorting to be inane and mortifying. Maybe that’s just me. Like I said, sorry.

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