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According to the New Penguin English Dictionary (1986), aerodrome is a primarily a British word that means airfield. According to the New Oxford American Dictionary bundled with Mac OS/X aerodrome is the British term for airdrome.

Let’s start with the latter definition first. The British term for airdrome? What the hell? Who uses the word airdrome? Not anyone I know. I don’t seriously think that airdrome is in common usage at all, or in uncommon usage for that matter. You might just as well say that aerodrome is the British word for gasneslash, or some other nonsense word.

By the way, when I looked up airdrome in the New Oxford American dictionary it said, “an airport.” I’m not buying it. I think it’s just called an airport. Period.

Then there’s the New Penguin English Dictionary definition. OK. Airfield is a term I’ve heard used, but not often. Unless it’s little more than a strip of tarmac in the middle of a field, most people call it an airport, not an airfield.

Then there’s the word aerodrome itself. I’ve flown through Heathrow once in my life so far. And back in the early 1980s I flew into Gatwick. I can’t recall anyone, British or not, calling either of them an aerodrome. So a British term? I’m wondering if this is a case of dictionary bullshit. Are there any British people out there who can confirm or deny that?

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