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Aerodynamics is the study of how objects move through gasses. For the average person, what is of most interest in the field of aerodynamics is specifically how things like airplanes move through air. This is important to us because we would much prefer that airplanes in flight not suddenly and unexpectedly stop moving through air, particularly when we or our loved ones are in them.

It is through the study of aerodynamics that we—we being humans in general, not necessarily you and me specifically, and particularly not me—learned how to build and fly airplanes without them crashing.

It is because of the study of aerodynamics that we know and, therefore, can mockingly use the fact in an expression, that pigs will never fly unless they evolve much higher intelligence and use that intelligence to build their own airplanes. Either that or they hitch a ride on one of our airplanes.

I wouldn’t recommend this latter course of action for pigs. When we transport pigs via any means, airfreight or not, it’s typically to take them to a slaughterhouse. Fortunately, they don’t realize this or we’d have a porcine rebellion on our hands.

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